Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bri Lovely

On Sunday, June 25 2006, a young girl named bri at the age of 17 was brutally murdered at 11:15pm. Authorities say she was involved with a drug deal, moments before her death occured, No stable evidence shows that the illegal dealings had anything to do with her death. She was found laying on 63rd street at 6am, by a jogger who says she is afraid to leave her house for the fear the attacker will return. Police say Bri was walking on the sidewalk when someone allegedly struck her on the side of the head with a steel pipe, she awoke about an hour later to find herself in a dark basement surround by bodily fluids, covered in blood, She climbed the stairs and pounded on the heavy door for hours, until finally footsteps were heard , when the door opened the attacker threw the 17 year old down a flight of stairs, Bri was then taken to a room, and chained to a wall covered in old rusted needles, she was incapable of doing anything to fight back, The attacker later returned and beat the 17 year old with a baseball bat for 3 consistant hours, he then removed a knife from his jeans and slashed her face, over 150 cuts were found all over her body, her lips were sewn together, Her wounds were so brutal she would have not survived even if she'd tried.

Parents and friends, are out for revenge searching the neighborhoods and going door to door, The mothers only comment was "When I find Him, I will kill him", her best friend of 7 years made a uproaring speech during the service for the 17 year old "I've known, I mean I know bri, and I have known her for a very long time, She was the love of my life, the kind of person that when you arent with them you feel empty and sick, she always said if either of us was a boy we'd be in love, but we were in love, we already knew we were gonna be friends for the rest of our lives, we used to joke around about how we were going to die, we'd laugh and she told me she expected me to get shot, and she was going to get ran over, we were young, who knew that this day would come so soon, we all love her, She used to just sit around with me and her mom, and we'd always come up with stupid ideas and she'd just go along with it, we had fun, I remember the time we built a snow fort, because we didnt want to be in the house with my parents, we planned on putting a tarp ontop so that my parents couldnt watch us, but we were to late, it had melted by the time we were going to do it, god bless her"