Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mr. Jordan Richard

Mr. Jordan Richard, aged 20 of Fall River, MA died of a malignant brain tumor which was discovered too late subsequently leading to Mr. Richard's death on May 22, 2051.  He was the child of Miss Laurene Richard and Mr. Mark Richard. Laurene was a registered nurse for many years and had three boys, one being Jordan, with Mark who was a construction worker.  Mr. Richard had plans to marry for years yet he never married. Mr. Richard worked as a Fall River police officer for many years and planned on retiring in his mid 60's. Mr. Richard participated in many sporting events as a young boy and even as an older man. He liked many sports but baseball, basketball, and tennis were his sports of choice on any given day. Mr. Richard took interest and had a strong passion in regards to helping his community and leading people to create a strong and healthy community for all. Mr. Richard was a quite person at times.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Queen Rhea

Queen Rhea aged 67 ended her battle with leukemia on Jan 19, 2011.  She was living just outside of Denver, but then moved to Phoenix so she could be closer to the hospital and doctor who specialized in her specific cancer that invaded her body six years earlier.  The loving daughter of Mr. Ernest Rhea and Mrs. Michelle Lance survived by twin sons Jason and Joshua and one daughter Audrey.  Her husband of 44 years was Dr. Alexander Macneil, Ph.D.  She was an opera singer for 20 years making her debut with Opera Columbus in Ohio followed by a journey to Spain working with some of the finest musicans in the world.  A member of the Sister of Delta Zeta Sorority in college she remained an active alumnae, donated frequently to the American Cancer Society (as well as participating in its annual Relay for Life events), and a member of The Rocky Mountain Animal Defense.  Everything she participated was done with passion.  "I wouldn't change anything about my life, especially my career" friends would often hear her say, and often familiarly reminding them "It's always a rough start when you're in the music business, but with hard work and motivation, it can take off and you'll never want to do anything else."  Her love of pets (mostly cats) was infectious; her sister chose to pursue a career as a vet.  Happy healthy animals was something the entire family was passionate about. The love, support, and leadership I received from Delta Zeta was something she'll never forget.  Just prior to her death, she was overheard speaking of Delta Zeta "[joining] was the best decision I made in college."  She was always smiling, laughing and selflessly willing to help others.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jesikah Maureen Allison

Ms. Jesikah Maureen Allison aged 87 suffered from "dizzy migraines" which succumbed her during the last few weeks of her life, causing seizure activity eventually taking her life on October 19, 2064. Jesikah was living in Friendship, Maine on a horse ranch with daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. She was born and raised in Middleborough, Massachusetts where she raised and began her family, living for 48 years. The child of Jackie and William Allison of Middleborough, Massachusetts and survived by daughter Alexandria Rose Birkett, son Alden George Birkett, sister Amanda Flynn, brother Seth Allison, 9 neices and nephews and 27 grandchildren. Jesikah is fortunate to have a few surviving great friends from her era that she was still regularly in contact with originally from her childhood! Jesikah spent her life with her late companion James Shelley. Though they were not married they were together for 35 years before his passing. Jesikah finished her degrees in psychology and social service in her mid-30's, opening a private practice in Middleborough. Upon finishing her master's in both subjects, she moved to Maine and held a small private practice and working at The University teaching pscychology. Jesikah was a member of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls in Middleborough #58, belonged to Girl Scouts of America during her childhood and continued to support their continued community, started a literary group for writers and lovers of literature at The University, started many community based groups for adolescents and young-adults regarding social pressures and issues within the community, both in Middleborough and Maine sites and was an advid supporter of sea turtles and agencies of their protection. She wrote and read literature for fun and took her passion to form book-reading groups. Jesikah supported her children in all their endeavors, assisting her daughter in creating a successful horse ranch and endless efforts put towards her son's adolescence crisis center in the city of Boston. Jesikah was noble in all of her abilities. She raised her children with pleasure in every step, with their future and needs always in the lead. Her efforts showed within her home, her children's prosperity, their community, her patients and their lives as a whole. As Jesikah would probably say, she was lucky to have had all the adventures and experiences, especially with all of the great people sent on her path of life.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Jennifer R. Brown

Ms. Brown on left
Jennifer R. Brown, who died on December 5th aged 35, was found by her daughter in bed of an accidental overdose of sleeping pills, autopsy results are pending. She was living in Portage Michigan the loving daughter of Mr and Mrs Lowell Sander, both deceased, she is survived by her two children Ashlee N. Sanders 16 and Bailee J. Brown 6, wed in life to Mr. Keith Brown 33 of Portage, Michigan.  Jennifer was the Director of Sales & Marketing for Marriott.  She had a great passion for life, dearly loved her children and did everything she could to protect them. She was a beautiful women who loved to bowl, watch movies, play softball and attended as many Michigan football games as she could. She was spontaneous and loved adventure. Donating food and clothing each winter to the less fortuate and never hesitating to help friends were among the many ways she demonstrated her generosity.  Jennifer grew up in Three Rivers Michigan; she graduated from Three Rivers High School in 1994 and from Kalamazoo Valley in 1996 with her Associates in Business.  She will be dearly missed by all those who knew and loved her and now she joins her mother and father once again that she loved and missed so much.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jane Elizabeth Costa, 29

Ms. Jane Elizabeth Costa aged 29 died suddenly after a fatal accident.  She grew up in Dartmouth, MA but was living the past several years in New Bedford, MA.  She was the daughter of Robert and Judith Snow of Dartmouth.  She is survived by her parents, her 13 year old daughter Kyla Marie, two brothers Bob and David Snow, her boyfriend Sean Maiato and several aunts, uncles, cousins, and many friends.  She was an administrative assistant for Elizabeth Benoit, LSW and enrolled at Bristol Community College pursuing a nursing degree.  Throughout her life Jane participated in many different activities. In high school she played for the varsity girls basketball and soccer teams all four years. She danced at Dancemakers in Fairhaven, MA her entire life. She continued to play indoor soccer at Champs in New Bedford for several years. She also loved skiing in the winter. Jane had many interests in life; she loved spending time with her daughter and her family. She also loved shopping and going to the beach in the summer. She loved to travel throughout the USA and abroad. "She was an amazing, lovable, and caring individual who will be missed tremendously" said a friend at her funeral.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zuleika Feliciano-Mooney, 81

Zuleika Feliciano-Mooney, aged 81, was presently living in Dartmouth, Mass. She grew up and lived most of her life in New Bedford.   She died of natural causes, peacefully, in her sleep. The child of the late Jaime Feliciano and Zuleika Almodovar.  She is survived by daughter Zuleika Z. Lobo, son Jonathan B. Mooney, sisters, Galena Gutierrez, Franchesca Feliciano, Anushka Feliciano, Sasha Serrano, and Marta Almodovar, brother Jaime Feliciano Jr.  Lots of grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins, Bradford J. Mooney. She was a Quality Control Technician for Decas Cranberry Sales, Inc for 20 years. She later began teaching as a History Professor at both UMass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College, where she remained currently employed part time.  Helped out the Historical Societies in her local area, with researches on historical artifacts and showcases. Zuleika was actively involved in her community, Always wanting an willing to help those in need. She enjoyed long walks on the beach. Vacations with the family. Scrap-booking, cross-stitching, and researching. Zuleika loved to teach history - it was her passion, she loved to read and write.  Zuleika was inquisitive about everything in life, determined, persistent, and sometimes argumentative if needed.  She always smiled and was kind and helpful to others; she would always put everyone's needs before her's.  

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