Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zuleika Feliciano-Mooney, 81

Zuleika Feliciano-Mooney, aged 81, was presently living in Dartmouth, Mass. She grew up and lived most of her life in New Bedford.   She died of natural causes, peacefully, in her sleep. The child of the late Jaime Feliciano and Zuleika Almodovar.  She is survived by daughter Zuleika Z. Lobo, son Jonathan B. Mooney, sisters, Galena Gutierrez, Franchesca Feliciano, Anushka Feliciano, Sasha Serrano, and Marta Almodovar, brother Jaime Feliciano Jr.  Lots of grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins, Bradford J. Mooney. She was a Quality Control Technician for Decas Cranberry Sales, Inc for 20 years. She later began teaching as a History Professor at both UMass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College, where she remained currently employed part time.  Helped out the Historical Societies in her local area, with researches on historical artifacts and showcases. Zuleika was actively involved in her community, Always wanting an willing to help those in need. She enjoyed long walks on the beach. Vacations with the family. Scrap-booking, cross-stitching, and researching. Zuleika loved to teach history - it was her passion, she loved to read and write.  Zuleika was inquisitive about everything in life, determined, persistent, and sometimes argumentative if needed.  She always smiled and was kind and helpful to others; she would always put everyone's needs before her's.  

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