Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mrs. Katie Medeiros, 78

A younger Katie Medeiros
Mrs. Katie Medeiros , aged 78, passed away in Cape Coral, Florida where she moved to in 2010 for a job opportunity. She was found Sunday morning, June 3 laying peacefully in her bed. Born in New Bedford, she grew up with siblings Tyler and Jessica. The child of Susan and Philip Medeiros she is survived in death by Hannah Medeiros, 46, and Aden Medeiros, 49, both living in the Cape Coral area with their families. Happily married to Donny Botelho for the past 35 years. Mrs. Medeiros retired at the age of 50; she was the Director of the Human Resources department for Bank of America. She was part of her local church where she did volunteer work and participated in the Community Breast Cancer Walk every year. Lived for family, she was a big part of her grandchildren's life: Lily12, Collen 11, Kalobe 6, and Hayle 3 were fortunate grandchildren indeed. She loved being by the water; it was her dream since childhood. Loved to go boating with her husband every Sunday out on Fort Myers Beach. Enjoyed her family game nights with her children and grandchildren every Friday night, and picking up a good book sitting in the sun and reading until her she felt tired. She was very loving and would do anything for anyone, has the biggest heart and will be deeply missed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clay Cauley, 22

Mr. William Cauley, "Clay" to his friends, aged 22 from Carrollton, KY died and went straight to hell. Friends were surprised he didn't survive a skull crushing he received as a result of his failed base-jumping attempt; his parachute unfortunately failed to open. He is survived by his pet ardvark and will be dearly missed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pulkit, 24, plunged from a cliff

Pulkit, aged 24, from a cottage in the back of great beyond somewhere among the mountains plummeted to her death on November 15th, 2015. She was trying to stop her dog from running off the cliff. He thought she was playing with him and rammed into her legs. Upon impact, she was pushed to the edge. Teetering at the brink, she gave up, in a momentary dream that felt as if it lasted an hour, she believed this to be as good a time as any to take the plunge ... and jumped ... finally free and happy; boys name and all. She is survived by 5 dogs and a million books. Her best friend of many years, Siddarth, has no clue of her whereabouts and will receive all of her possessions. She never married but was dearly in love with Praveen. He had been out of touch with her for the past three years. In life, she sold her soul to put food on table, slaved under bosses she loathed, worked as a journalist, a copy editor and an instructional designer. Despite her trail of literary employment activities, she died with her stories undisclosed - safely stored in her memory (at least some of them). The one book she managed to publish did very well, but the attention and expectations of the immense popularity were intolerable; she receded into oblivion and dropped off the minds of people. Her passions were cooking, eating, frolicking with dogs, traveling, reading, writing and, of course, dreaming. She was a misanthrope and often hated the world in general with no apparent reason. She did not trust it. At All. She wrote short stories, took her dogs for walks, read blogs and considered herself a failed poet - her friends vehemently objected and boasted of her prose. She expressed insecurity, was self-conscious; she was vigorously independent yet indecisive. LIke many poets of her time, she craved attention from those she loved. Many found her fun. She desperately strived to atain peace with herself, instead of within herself but failed at that too. Maybe she died of too many failures. She will be dearly missed.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Queen Brenda Sykes, 84

 Queen Brenda Sykes, 84, died of a broken heart on the 23rd of January, 2076. She resided in Miami, Florida. Originally from Middleboro, Massachusetts, she lived in Taunton ma for 30 years. The daughter of Sharon Harris and Vincent Sykes, she is survived by daughter Jalysa Quinones, Son Darell Avellar, and Son Eryk Brown. A tireless great grandmother to 15 children and great grandmother of 7 great great grandchildren. She was wed to ex basketball star Lebron James. In life, she was a retired social worker, and advocate for troubled children and even coached women's basketball for Florida State for over ten years. She found time to work in multiple homeless shelters across the world. She traveled to Haiti, New Orleans and Africa to help the poor. She loved to smile, laugh, and joke around!! She was easy to talk to and understanding about anything. She was an open minded person. She loved her family and friends ... outgoing, socially interactive, and easy going. She will be missed.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Lord Christopher Thomas Prescott, 80

Lord Christopher Thomas Prescott, aged 80, was born in a quaint little town in Northern England. He lived there for years and until his untimely death. He spent most of his days in the manor affectionately called Hill Crest. He was ravaged by a contagious disease which took him on October 10, 2069. The only child of Victor Silvia and Claire Prescott, he is survived by a loving wife and two children. Wed to Elizabeth Prescott, he was a self made man of many years in the field of medicine. In addition to his many charitable acts, he spent most of his time simply being a husband and doting father to his children as well as the children of the world. His pursuits in life were romance, fine dining, and selflessly helping the dying and sick. Those that knew him well also knew of the scoundrel's many other women.