Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pulkit, 24, plunged from a cliff

Pulkit, aged 24, from a cottage in the back of great beyond somewhere among the mountains plummeted to her death on November 15th, 2015. She was trying to stop her dog from running off the cliff. He thought she was playing with him and rammed into her legs. Upon impact, she was pushed to the edge. Teetering at the brink, she gave up, in a momentary dream that felt as if it lasted an hour, she believed this to be as good a time as any to take the plunge ... and jumped ... finally free and happy; boys name and all. She is survived by 5 dogs and a million books. Her best friend of many years, Siddarth, has no clue of her whereabouts and will receive all of her possessions. She never married but was dearly in love with Praveen. He had been out of touch with her for the past three years. In life, she sold her soul to put food on table, slaved under bosses she loathed, worked as a journalist, a copy editor and an instructional designer. Despite her trail of literary employment activities, she died with her stories undisclosed - safely stored in her memory (at least some of them). The one book she managed to publish did very well, but the attention and expectations of the immense popularity were intolerable; she receded into oblivion and dropped off the minds of people. Her passions were cooking, eating, frolicking with dogs, traveling, reading, writing and, of course, dreaming. She was a misanthrope and often hated the world in general with no apparent reason. She did not trust it. At All. She wrote short stories, took her dogs for walks, read blogs and considered herself a failed poet - her friends vehemently objected and boasted of her prose. She expressed insecurity, was self-conscious; she was vigorously independent yet indecisive. LIke many poets of her time, she craved attention from those she loved. Many found her fun. She desperately strived to atain peace with herself, instead of within herself but failed at that too. Maybe she died of too many failures. She will be dearly missed.

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Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

blue sunride said...

:) gee... thanks for killing me :D

blue sunride said...

though the pic... err... i dun really get it. Is that me? :P

Dave said...

Sorry about the image, but I thought Pulkit could only be a male's name and the submission read like it was from a female. I could only think to have an image of both. Feel free to submit a different image.

Blue Sunride said...

You are right... Everyone here in India guesses I would be a guy when they hear my name first.. arrgghhh .. Does that qualify as a decent reason to want to die??!

Thanks anyway :D a pic shall be sent soon :)


Dave said...

I'm sorry about that. I checked with many of my Indian coworkers over this. My apologies. From my perspective, it's a lovely sounding name and sounds like it could be either.

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