Monday, February 08, 2010

Lord Christopher Thomas Prescott, 80

Lord Christopher Thomas Prescott, aged 80, was born in a quaint little town in Northern England. He lived there for years and until his untimely death. He spent most of his days in the manor affectionately called Hill Crest. He was ravaged by a contagious disease which took him on October 10, 2069. The only child of Victor Silvia and Claire Prescott, he is survived by a loving wife and two children. Wed to Elizabeth Prescott, he was a self made man of many years in the field of medicine. In addition to his many charitable acts, he spent most of his time simply being a husband and doting father to his children as well as the children of the world. His pursuits in life were romance, fine dining, and selflessly helping the dying and sick. Those that knew him well also knew of the scoundrel's many other women.

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