Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mr. Jordan Richard

Mr. Jordan Richard, aged 20 of Fall River, MA died of a malignant brain tumor which was discovered too late subsequently leading to Mr. Richard's death on May 22, 2051.  He was the child of Miss Laurene Richard and Mr. Mark Richard. Laurene was a registered nurse for many years and had three boys, one being Jordan, with Mark who was a construction worker.  Mr. Richard had plans to marry for years yet he never married. Mr. Richard worked as a Fall River police officer for many years and planned on retiring in his mid 60's. Mr. Richard participated in many sporting events as a young boy and even as an older man. He liked many sports but baseball, basketball, and tennis were his sports of choice on any given day. Mr. Richard took interest and had a strong passion in regards to helping his community and leading people to create a strong and healthy community for all. Mr. Richard was a quite person at times.

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