Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jesikah Maureen Allison

Ms. Jesikah Maureen Allison aged 87 suffered from "dizzy migraines" which succumbed her during the last few weeks of her life, causing seizure activity eventually taking her life on October 19, 2064. Jesikah was living in Friendship, Maine on a horse ranch with daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. She was born and raised in Middleborough, Massachusetts where she raised and began her family, living for 48 years. The child of Jackie and William Allison of Middleborough, Massachusetts and survived by daughter Alexandria Rose Birkett, son Alden George Birkett, sister Amanda Flynn, brother Seth Allison, 9 neices and nephews and 27 grandchildren. Jesikah is fortunate to have a few surviving great friends from her era that she was still regularly in contact with originally from her childhood! Jesikah spent her life with her late companion James Shelley. Though they were not married they were together for 35 years before his passing. Jesikah finished her degrees in psychology and social service in her mid-30's, opening a private practice in Middleborough. Upon finishing her master's in both subjects, she moved to Maine and held a small private practice and working at The University teaching pscychology. Jesikah was a member of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls in Middleborough #58, belonged to Girl Scouts of America during her childhood and continued to support their continued community, started a literary group for writers and lovers of literature at The University, started many community based groups for adolescents and young-adults regarding social pressures and issues within the community, both in Middleborough and Maine sites and was an advid supporter of sea turtles and agencies of their protection. She wrote and read literature for fun and took her passion to form book-reading groups. Jesikah supported her children in all their endeavors, assisting her daughter in creating a successful horse ranch and endless efforts put towards her son's adolescence crisis center in the city of Boston. Jesikah was noble in all of her abilities. She raised her children with pleasure in every step, with their future and needs always in the lead. Her efforts showed within her home, her children's prosperity, their community, her patients and their lives as a whole. As Jesikah would probably say, she was lucky to have had all the adventures and experiences, especially with all of the great people sent on her path of life.

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