Monday, June 02, 2008

Mrs. Margaret "Marg" Georgianna Rodrigo, 41

Mrs. Margaret "Marg" Georgianna Rodrigo, 41, of Baltimore, Maryland went to Purgatory today. Margaret Leaves behind two children a son; Anthony Wood III, a Daughter; Kurstein Wood, Husband; Francis Rodrigo, Mother: Mary Baker, Sister's Robin Reed, Lillian Smith, Brenda Overnton, Karen Chaney, Brother's James Smith Jr, Clifton Reed Jr., Neil Baker Jr., Eight Nephews, five Nieces, seven great nephews, three great nieces, one great great niece, three chihuahuas, one collie, one lab, two Amazon Blue Front Parrots, and four unhatched eggs. She will also be missed by two wild Squirrels in the yard, a slew of black crows and rabbits who fed at her garden.

Marg was mauled by a pack of rabid wiener dogs while protecting her chihuahuas from being attacked. She is preceded in death by her father Neil Baker Sr., sister Mary Alt, nephew Timothy Barber, aunts Vivian Eure, Gracie Arrington and Grandmothers Margaret Boner and Georgianna Arrington.

Margaret was a certified medical assistant for 18 years and worked for many medical clinics and hospitals, she was a giver. Margaret also took classes in sign language to help her in the medical field.

She was passionate about drawing, but her favorite thing to do was collect swords, shields, armor and skulls from the Mideviel and Renaissance era. She was best known for being the joker or clown. Most of her friends would call her crazy. Who knows, maybe she was.

Margaret only had one regret; that she was not invited to her father's service who she was very close to. I remember her saying she would take that to the grave. No one knew why Margaret and her Mother were not invited, it was not like they were estranged or maybe not liked. Only one person could answer that question, but it is too late now. The Bible says an eye for an eye or maybe karma will come around.

Margaret left no money to pay for funeral and inheritance. If she did were still looking for it. If anyone knows, please let the parrots know because they only talk to Robin.

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