Monday, March 10, 2008

Samantha "Samy" Wright, 18

Ms. Samantha "Samy" Wright 18 of the quirky-cool Grants Pass Oregon will be reincarnated - eventually - as a Siberian tiger. She was taken from her hometown at a tender young age when her skull was crushed as a tragic result of a parachute malfunction while base jumping in the Rogue Valley area. Her corpse drifted down the Rogue River until it was snagged in the rapids where it was discovered by a tour of whitewater rafting nuns. They said a Rosary immediately.

Samantha was a vivacious participant in her school's color guard. She was especially adept at twirling flags. Hardly pretentious, but she couldn't resist showing her skills by spinning sabers and rifles on occasion. She became so good at her discipline, she became a well-respected coach. "She didn't just lead, she inspired." remarked several of her trainees. She was also on track to begin studies at the University of California this Fall where she would pursue a broad range of studies to learn "lots about lots" without being too narrowly bound intellectually. She loved to learn.

Her love of learning was rivaled only by her passion for bringing fun to others, even when it was sometimes challenging to do so. Taking friends out to dance, snowboard or shopping were daily routines for Samy. She and her friends always had memorable times.

Looking back on her brief but special life, she was happy to know how many lives she touched and made better by her existence. She only wished she could appreciate how special the gifts she brought to this life were. She will be missed by many.