Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mlle. Summer O, 125, saved a peacock

Mlle. Summer O, spent her life saving all living creatures: from misguided, post-rain earthworms on sidewalks to ladybugs clinging to velcro-like sweaters in early Fall, has died aged 125.

Her passion for all things living would eventually result in her death. Blazing the slick streets of Ethete on her moped (she gave up her automobile license at the age of 85 due to significant cognitive impairment), she swerved to miss a breathtakingly beautiful peacock crossing the road. Swerving at a velocity of 30 mph, she spun off of the road, into the canyon and plunged to her death.

She is preceded in death by friends, Kate, an equally dedicated savior of animals and Pete. She is survived by several family members.

At the time of her death, she was a full time student at Central Wyoming College studying advanced animal rescue techniques in the civility branch of the sociology department. When not saving animals, she read, wrote epitaphs for john and jane does, cruised the streets of Ethete on her moped, listened to Comedian Harmonists, played piano and skillfully played nickel slots until she was kicked out of the casino.

That peacock will miss her.

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