Monday, December 15, 2008

shaymus, 70

Mr. Shay (Shaymus) Petty, having spent the better part of his life giving music lessons to dwellers of the White House, especially well-know for giving Bill Clinton saxophone lessons, died aged 70 last Tuesday. He will gladly spend eternity with the sinners.

Born in Green River in 1938, he was the first son of mother Tina and Father Harry whom, in addition to his only sister Trista precede him in death. Spending time in hookah bars was a favorite pastime of his, but ultimately led to his demise while trying to blow the biggest smoke ring in history; an air bubble in bloodstream causing a lethal embolism.

Prior to teaching music in the Whitehouse, he was a teacher and aide to the World Health Organization. He simulataneously held ownership of the Hookah Place on 5th and Main. It was his favorite hangout.

Shaymus O Petty will miss his place in our world.

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