Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mr. Garrett Nimmo, 18, Roughneck

Mr. Garrett "Sacajawea" Nimmo, 18 set a blazing trail to Hell. Mr. Nimmo searched for black gold and was considered one of the youngest "roughnecks" to work the Texas rigs. He was annointed the special nickname of Lewis and Clark's guide, Sacajawea, because of his innate sense of where to drill. Exxon geochemical engineers would secretly consult the young roughneck in the search of the precious commodity.

At the age of 16, he left the sleepy county seat of Sublette County, Pinedale, to look for action. He wanted to make a difference, raise some hell and vent some anger characteristic of many young men; his anger would eventually lead to his downfall.

He was hired by Exxon at the age of 16 (he forged documents) to lead them to believe he was 18. He did incredibly well working on a rig in the Gulf. He worked hard as a roughneck. However, his special talents, the way he would earn his nickname, was his ability to spot drilling locations. Exxon geoscientists would take him on expeditions in the gulf to aid their search of lucrative oil supplies; Mr. Nimmo had a remarkable sense no one could explain. He declined lucrative bonuses for this skill opting to live the life of a roughneck. He lived to work, work hard.

One night, while on a two day leave from the rig, he and some buddies went to Yaga's Tropical Cafe/Club in Galveston. A swanky place not exactly appropriate for a quick beer, he and friends stormed in demanding a drink. They were practically ambushed by overdressed patrons. Although most of the patrons were easily tossed aside, one in the big brawl brought the boy named Sacajawea to a lethal end with one sturdy shot to the head with a frosted mug. Mr. Nimmo fell.

His fellow roughnecks who survived took care of Yaga's and miss their fellow co-worker.

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