Sunday, April 16, 2006

Brogg the Half-Breed

Brogg the Half-Breed, was slain by the death knight, Lord Skullbones on Wednesday.

Brogg was a multi-classed holy warrior of Grisbane, 5th level cleric and 4th level fighter. Brogg and his adventuring company followed Skullbones into the Temple of Zelba after the death night kidnapped their companion, Mike the Zombie 1k. Although Skullbones was slain, the entire party perished in the battle. Brogg and company have since been reanimated as zombies, with their souls being geased to perform a task in an airport purgatory. Brogg the Half-Breed is survived by his roommates Ronald Greetles and Gregolas Half-Elven.

Further adventures found at Descent into Depths.

2 condolences:

Susan @ YOW said...

Geez, I hate getting reanimated as a zombie! That will really ruin your day.

Apprentice Steve said...

THAT SUX DUDe!!!!!@!@@q@@!!

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