Friday, April 14, 2006

Mitzi, 33, Enraged

The blog that caused her to lose her job eventually caused her to lose her life.”

Although Mitzi was sweet enough as a child, she grew into an enraged adult. She decided to start a blog in order to have an avenue to vent. This was quite successful for a while, until one of her co-workers discovered the blog. Mitzi had written exactly what she thought of her co-workers and bosses (in lurid and painstaking detail) without bothering to disguise their identities. Needless to say, this lead to her immediate termination.

From that point on she lived a reclusive life, spending many hours each day ripping into anything and everything on her blog. No person or topic was safe. She’d scan the newspaper each day in order to make biting commentary on current events. She watched endless hours of television so that she could tear apart tv shows and celebrities alike. She stayed up late into the night, reading other blogs and posting to her own, her computer her only friend. Sad.

In a rare excursion out of her house this past Wednesday, she was so distracted ruminating on her next topic, she crashed her car into the median on the interstate causing a 10-car pile up. She was 33 years old.

She is survived by her laptop.

Check out my blog o’ writing contests! Your Own Words.

Do it for Mitzi.

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Someone said...

Mitzi reminds me a bit of Michelle Malkin, a high traffic site, when she was told she couldn't use the "blockquote" set of tags.

Kevin Charnas said...

NOOOO!!!! Not Mitz! Oh...I hope that she's found peace...What am I saying, she's probably around here somewhere. Now we can rip on people and places together! Mitz, are we in Heaven? or you know...H...E...double toothpick, where we know everyone?

Anonymous said...

Mitzi's anger is delicious. It'll be good to get me going on Monday morning.

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