Monday, April 03, 2006

Hector, 54, Machinist, Perfectionist

Hector took his own life Saturday night when he couldn't handle all the imperfections in his life and was sadly unable to see the bigger picture.

Some floorboards in his house needed repair.
The foundation of his house wasn't perfect.
His lovely house wasn't a ranch but a 2 story.
His daughter's room was messy with toys.
He was uncertain whether he could provide her an adequate technological set of toys as she grew up.
He always cried reading On Children.
He feared strong rains and big snows.
His landlines didn't work.
He had no "tv room".
His kitchen ceiling needed to be repaired.
His psychotropic drug cocktail wasn't perfect and he was tired of waiting for it to be.
His job wasn't perfect.
The gutters on his house weren't optimal.
The basement of his house was wet when it rained hard.
His house wasn't big enough.
His family wasn't perfect (although his wife and daughter were).
He hadn't enough friends (so he often lamented).
He hadn't barbecued in almost a year.

None of these silly possesions or concerns will worry him again. How sad he couldn't see the bigger more important things to live for. Oddly, his last words were "It's not stuff that matters."

He requests a ceremony with loud music and pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw and pickles.

He also hated big charities. Condolences in the comments please.

2 condolences:

Susan @ YOW said...

No TV room? Poor man.

Anonymous said...

No TV room is indeed a biggie.

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