Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kristen, age 60

Kristen, 60, was laid to rest today in Mozambique. She was a divorced mother of 2 grown children.

Kristen grew up in Los Angeles. The child of highly educated and busy parents, Kristen loved sports and was an excellent student. At 14, she met her future husband and dropped most of her desires and dreams to make his come true. She stayed home for more than fifteen years as a stay at home mother, while her husband had a demanding career in the entertainment industry.

After living most of her life as a loving daughter, wife and mother, Kristen (divorced) finally got the chance to travel and explore the world. After visiting Ireland, Denmark, Italy and Australia...she went on a journey through Africa for a month long adventure. Unfortunately, the trip turned deadly as Kristen was trampled by 2 bull elephants while on a sightseeing safari with 4 other travelers. She was the only one to perish.

Kristen was full of life. She raised two beautiful children, mostly on her own as her husband traveled frequently for his job. She loved to be creative. She loved to dance. She loved to grow flowers and was truly a free spirit.

Kristen was also known to have a wicked sense of humor. She loved to be playful and didn't take her self too seriously. She installed this love of life in her children and would always comment that raising her girls was the most important thing she ever did.

Kristen is survived by her daughters, Emi(27) and Kate (35). Kate, a professional athlete, had travelled on Safari with her mother and was a witness to her terrible demise. Emi, an artist and mother of 1, lives in Seattle with her husband.

Kristen will also be missed by her loving partner, Jean Luc. Jean Luc, a professor of psychology, was a pivotal influence in her life. Full of insight and wisdom, Jean Luc was a supportive soul, offering Kristen a relationship full of intimacy and laughter. Kristen grew and flourished in the last years of her life. She learned to accept herself within Jean Luc's eyes, and had come to a calm, peaceful place in her life. She had taken up yoga with Jean Luc, and they both loved the study of tantric sex. The later years were very very good to Kristen.

Kristen's family is asking for donations in her memory to be sent to a fund for African Orphans of Bull Elephant stampedes.

5 condolences:

Someone said...

RIP Kristen. Here's to tantric sex!

Susan @ YOW said...

I'm glad Kristen had a chance to enjoy life!

Razib Ahmed said...

I really wish that Kristen's family can raise enough funds for the charity.
You have got a great website. This story touced me deeply and really the pain of death is same everywhere.

Someone said...

Thanks Razib for your compliments. The site shouldn't be looked upon as a sad site about death (although some of the contributions are sad) but a reflection on one's life before it's too late.

audrey love said...

haha that is funny and sad at the same time .. and it had meny diff. refrences to it .. good obit>

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