Thursday, March 30, 2006

Google has found "You Died"

I'm trying to figure out what search terms will turn up this site as a hit in the search results. The most interesting one to date is flight attendant killed while attending wedding. This gives us a postion of 4 on Google, putting the spotlight on our dearly departed Jacqueline.

Should be interesting to see how people find this site in days to come.

2 condolences:

Dawno said...

Hi! Well I found you because you visited the blogging forum on AW - hope you keep coming by. I've also put your link up in a recent post and will be adding you to my sidebar. My 23 readers (weekly average) will just flood you with new traffic *wink*

I really like this blog - what a fabulous idea and all these obits are so fun!

I'm going to start working on mine.

Someone said...

Hey Dawno! Thanks for the comments. Look forward to your obit.

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