Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today at 3:20 am Saturday November 22nd 2009 saw the death of J.M.Herrmann. J.M. Herrmann is survived by his wife Danielle, step-daughter Darcy, Melanee Ulle his mother and Kathleen his sister. J.M. has for the past 7 years resided in Sydney, Australia and was formerly of Conneaut, Ohio.

J.M Herrmann was found in the National Park where he apparently visited to wait for his time. No cause was found for his death, and the State Coroner is ruling it as suspicious. J.M. Herrmann was a graduate of Conneaut High School, and had made a career in the Security Industry. There will be a closed casket ceremony at an as yet undisclosed location. The body seems to be in poor state as it was mauled by local wild dogs.

J.M. Herrmann has left behind a will stipulating that instead of flowers a grove of willow trees are to be planted in his home town. Condolences may be addressed to D7/2B Mowbray Street, Sydney, Australia.

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