Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wild Sue, 60

Sue died in a violent domestic act brought on by her evil son-in-law. Homicide detectives are still working the case.

Sue is preceded in death by her parents, her husband of 30 years, most of her in-laws and two children. Murder was relatively common in Sue's family.

A happy child, she attended public schools and was brought up in a loving home by good people. Her life's troubles started in her early teens. Her mother and father had what amounted to a duel but neither survived. This horrific incident scarred Sue and from this point on she led a grim life. When she was 30, she married her childhood sweetheart. They could be seen watching television and sitting on the porch together; their favorite pastimes.

"A while back, we had a block party and all Sue could talk about were the murders that went on in her family." said a close neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. "We [the neighbors] all thought it was all made up stuff, but her untimely death gives us pause" said the neighbor.

At the time of her death she was providing full time care for her daughter's (killed a year ago) child. Her brightest side came out when she was interacting with children. A little brusque, but it was obvious she loved her grandchild and all the kids in the neighborhood.

Sue wasn't much for charity. Condolences should simply be submitted to the comments.

3 condolences:

Anonymous said...

I shot her.

Anonymous said...

No, it was me.

OCPD said...

Don't lie. I saw your mum do it. You are just covering for her.

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