Wednesday, March 15, 2006

DIY Obituary

Sounds a bit morbid but try it.

Writing your own obituary can be an interesting way to step back from your hectic life, reflect and appreciate what you have. If your life hasn't been what you wanted, use this to try to make some changes. Read some in your local newspaper to get a feel for the format but don't be too concerned with what it should look like. Write whatever you want. Just imagine you died and write what others would want to know about you. The exercise is a bit scary but is actually kind of fun.

Why the anonymity? It doesn't have to be. You can sign it with your name or site's url but a piece like this might scare your loved ones; putting it in your own blog might give others the wrong message (ie, a suicide note). So, publish it here and look back on it from time to time. If you want to pull it back out and look at in the future, put some kind of code in the subject line (title of post),

e.g.: John (x345),

so you can search it via the navbar at the top of the page. Unless this gets wildly popular, I'll publish them all. When you email your submission, it will go into a que and I'll publish it within a day or two (I may make minor edits and do some spell-checking). Also, if you have any regrets, email me and I'll delete it.

You can communicate with me via the comments section or email me at your_obituary at yahoo dot com. Have fun.

p.s: Please attach an image that characterizes you.

2 condolences:

Anonymous said...

Why is the Petoskey newspaper among the links? Don't tell me you're a Michigander like I used to be (I grew up in Benton Harbor.) If so, you have my deepest sympathies. I fled the arctic Michigan winters when I was 19 and I have lived in tropical places ever since.

Someone said...

Interesting question. NYTimes obits are about famous people and are, I'm sure, well-written and about big famous people. But, sources like Petoskey and Plain Dealer have obits about regular people like you and I that may not have been famous but are the grunts that make this society run. That guy I see walking to work dutifully and without fail every single day - he is the one who's life probably effects me more than anyone who gets the attention of The Times.

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