Saturday, March 18, 2006

Golf Widow

On March 17th, in Ankh Morpork. Golf Widow, formerly of Earth and a recent transportee to Discworld, was killed yesterday in a freak quaffing accident at the tavern. Her demise involved several pints of stout, a giraffe, and a set of darts.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Golf Widow Scholarship at Unseen University, of which Golf Widow was not a graduate, but wished she was.

She is survived by her parents, her brother, and her husband the golfer, who will now be known as the Golf Widow's Widower. Sympathy cards may be directed to the comments section.

Golf Widow elaborated here. Thanks Golf Widow.

2 condolences:

golfwidow said...

In defense of my humorous entry, I was not making light of this concept. I wrote a more detailed explanation than will fit here; you may read it here:

someone said...

I'm at a library now with my daughter, I look forward to reading it later. Thanks for your entry and comments.

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