Monday, March 20, 2006

Darcy, 15, High School Student

So this is my obituary:

This Monday, March 20th, Darcy, 15, tragically died. She was found by her mother hanging in her room. She was a freshman at her high school.

Darcy was thought by most to be kind and, at times, very giving. Although she had many friends no one could give any perspective on why she did it. "She was always so happy, always laughing," said her friend Sarah.

She left a note, a vague sign of why she would do this. It read, "he made me feel so bad that i did this and he doesn't even know how much i care." What this means is anyone's guess. On the outside no one would ever guess she would be capable of this. What demons was this innocent girl hiding? What boy haunted her past so badly that she felt the need to take her life?

She will be missed by her many friends, parents, sister, and hopefully by the person she loved so dearly.

8 condolences:

Anonymous said...

I hope you're not really considering suicide. Please seek help if you are, there is still a lot of life left for you and don't let anyone take that away from you.

Someone said...

Yes, remember 1-800-SUICIDE always has people waiting to help.

Anonymous said...

i'm not really suicidal, i just figured if i was going to die in the near future suicide is more likely than a heart attack or something

Someone said...

Good! We're all relieved to hear that.

Anonymous said...

believe me, in time you won't remember his name, but you will remember he didn't give a crap and nothing you do including killing yourself is going to make him care. my suggestion is to concentrate on people who DO care and not on some imaginary great love that doesn't exist.

Joanne West Cornish said...

Darcy, you need to know that his life will go on, while yours has ended. You will only be a comma in his long years in that event, while if you live and make something of yourself, he WILL know and that is what will make him regret his decisions. YOUR decision should always be predicated on YOUR needs, not his. Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion.

jennifer starfall said...

wow, you got strangers worried about you. that's some heavy shit, girl.

boys stink. i'm almost 30 and married, and they still stink (sometimes).

if you live every day striving to make it (at least in some small way) the best day, you'll be fine.

i think you are fine.

and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

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