Monday, March 27, 2006

Becky, 28, Dressed in Black, Friend of Many

Rebecca Davis (Shreswbury) suddenly died March 26th in her home at the computer.
Apparently after getting into an argument with her online boyfriend.
She was a kind-hearted person, misunderstood alot.
She always wore black clothing and did act weird at times, but she was a great person.
She was originally from Beckley WV.
She was divorced with no children and she was going on 29 yrs old, her birthday was coming up on April 17th.
Her maiden name was Shrewsbury, and she had left behind her two dogs Smokey and Nikki, that she thought of as her children.
She lived in Ironton Ohio, with her mother.
She was sitting at her computer talking to her online boyfriend, and apprently them two had a huge argument, and he had told her she was pathetic and it hurt her feelings, we are unsure what had caused her untimely death, there is an autopsy being done to determine her cause of death, if it was an overdose or a broken heart.
Her friend Jenny will be singing Amazing Grace at her Wake next Friday.
She will be dearly missed by everyone.
She said if she had ever passed that she wanted to have a black funeral.
Meaning everything being in black.
She had thoughts of cremation, but had decided to go with a burial instead.
Funeral will be held at the Ironton Boat Docks.
On april 1st at 2:00pm in the afternoon.
Friends and Family welcome.
Please bring your own food and beverages, we are a poor community.
Please note, close friends of Becky, she would have liked it if you were to leave a little sumthin sumthin for her in her casket.
She will be sadly missed.

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