Thursday, March 16, 2006


Janice was killed in a car accident on 16-Mar-2006 at the horribly young age of 16. She was a senior in high school and is survived by her dear Mother and Father.

She had long blond hair and was considered by many to be quite pretty. She had several boyfriends. Although she was not the most popular girl in school she received good grades, was involved in many activities including the chess club, a member of the yearbook staff and participated for a season on the girls' gymnastics team in her sophomore year.

At the point of her untimely death she was off to Johnson and Wales University where she would have studied to become a chef with a specialty in baking. This career path was instilled at an early age in the kitchen of her parents who were obsessed with all things food.

She will be sorely missed by many.

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