Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Janeen, 54, Well Balanced

Born on February 10, 1952, on a full moon in an Illinois blizzard in the golden days of Howdie Doody, and later growing up on Florida beaches with rainbows and orange groves, she remembered a collage of red snowsuits and tricycles, snowflakes and bright shells, seaweed, and sunsets. Really a wonderful variety which was never experienced again after her childhood. Raising her own child after a divorce and working full time precluded much more creativity, but it was really the diagnosis of M.S. at age 28 which pretty much stunted her travel abilities. It wasn't wise or safe to go alone, and later, she just got tired. Her son, bright, handsome, and charming, fell into a life of petty crime and spent many years in jail for--- oh, drug related stuff. And she thought well that's not the way I would have done it. But she did love him so.

When she was 18 and a music major in college, Capitol Records bought one of her songs, "Come Morning", and though nothing ever came of it, it remained one of her proudest memories.

While she was still "well balanced", she earned 3 belts in Shaolin Tai Chi which was another proud memory.

She took much pleasure in the happy company of her friends. Her "love life" was usually only half there, with a succession of a few men who were great company and only half available, and it's hard to say...did she really want it that way? She didn't think so, but you never knew. That's not the way she would have done it, either, (as far as she knew.)

She was especially pleased and flattered when, for a little while, people said she looked like Stevie Nicks, because she felt that she had grown up ugly. She did like that Stevie look. And that music.

She also enjoyed regular visits to her friend, "The Psychic Odette".

She was preceded in death by her wonderful parents and by a beautiful dark tortoise shell Persian cat, A.K.A. "The Cat Lilibet". She is survived by her son Benjamin whom she loved the most, and a few friends whom she also loved.

She might be missed by the lady at the drycleaners and maybe the girls at the Clinique counter and at the Salon. She will be missed by her small circle of friends and by acquaintances made at Borders books and music. She enjoyed studying many things, from religion and philosophy to astrology and diet.

She hoped to come back with the option of being a dancer, which was really only a wish to be naturally willow-ey of build and graceful. She will miss everyone tremendously and would look forward to seeing you all again.

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