Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lacey Jane Glenn, 95, BINGO no more

Lacey Jane Glenn, 95, taken by The One on the way to Bingo. She is preceded in death by her loving husband of 35 years, Zeke Glenn, her loving and only son, a beautiful belly-dancing daughter and survived by hundreds of students who idolized her.

Lacey's lengthy tour on earth was fruitful. Born and raised in Saratoga Wyoming, Lacey's favorite place to go, meditate and gain strength from the hectic pace of life was Saratoga's famous Hobo Hot Pool. In her younger and more adventurous days, she'd meet friends there in the middle of the night after sneaking out of her home and indulge in the hot pool au naturel. On one of these naughty escapades, she met an equally adventurous boy. She managed to steal his shorts and only would give them back if he asked her to the movies. That boy was Zeke. The two dated for many years and eventually made a family.

Lacey's safe persona was a preschool teacher. Her playful ways won over the children immediately but she could not suppress her provocative and sometimes exhibitionist side. It manifested in her belly dancing part-time job. "It was never for the money," she giggled as she provided her life story several years ago to a local reporter.

As she aged and suffered through the deaths of those close to her, at the age of 75, started a nudist commune. It was wildly successful but kept surprisingly secret in Carbon County. There she taught belly dancing, set up rodeo exhibitions, wheelchair racing, drank JD black and was conspicuously lucky at Bingo. She occasionally performed stand up comedy for the commune; she was especially proud of her body, which was lovely into her elder years. Her surviving commune buddies vehemently attested to this fact (standing behind the days headlines as they spoke, offering a salute - of sorts).

Nothing will be quite the same without her.

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