Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mrs. Brady S. Lane, will be 97 when dead in 3005

Mrs. Brandy S. Lane, 97, Riverton, Wyoming, taken by the Angels (reluctantly). Mrs. Lane was walking out of her doublewide at the B&K Mobile Home Park to get the morning paper, she was ambushed and mauled by a pack of rabid wiener dogs on March 22, 3005.

Mrs. Lane is survived in death by 3 daughters and a son. Ginger Snap Bach, Mary Lilly Bach, Daisy Dill Bach and Timothy Don Bach. She is also survived by her loving husband Timothy Bach old, he is the caretaker for their 27 wiener dogs, Maddie, Elly, Pickle, Blueberry, Orange, Apple, Carrot, Ann, Abby, Pinky, Purple, Ethan, Chubaca, Elmo, Cookie, Roger, Billy, Fefe, Foofoo, LooLoo, LaLa, Buggy, Patty, Flower, Money, Pookie, and Fluffy.

After several years of college, Brandy Lane became a nurse for the largest children's hospital in the country, the Texas Children's Hospital. She worked as a nurse until her 80th bitchday. She then retired, some say due to early onset dementia, and became obsessed with the care of wiener dogs. She loved to frolic with her little friends, to knit them mittens (108 of them), join them in the tv room to watch old black and white movies (101 Dalmations), and bake them cookies.

She was best known for her work in the children's hosptal; in her local community she was reknown for 27 wiener dogs. She was once interviewed in a segment of 60 minutes by Leslie Stall. She was the only one laughing when Cookie peed on Ms. Stall's shoes during the interview.

She shared her long, long, very long life with her husband Tim Bach and her many damn dogs. She was a very happy and wacky old woman. She would look out her window and scare all the children that walked by screaming at them. She didn't have many friends after she hit the age of 90 because she scared the living shit out of everyone. How her husband could stand her, we have no damn idea. She was cherished by her canine buddies, her children, and her husband, as
freaskishly as it may sound.

That old hag will be missed.

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