Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mrs. Hicks, 98, died of sadness

Mrs. Hicks and family
Mrs. Jessica Ann Hicks, preceded in death by her husband of 45 years withered of inconsolable sorrow at the age of 98. She went to join her other friends who had already proceeded "down there;" they decided Hell is where they where going because of stuff they had done. "It's going to be one big party," Mrs. Hicks would've rejoiced. She is survived by five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Living close to Evanston, Wyoming, she and her husband went to Bear River State Park often to enjoy kayaking in their custom-built duo kayak.

An accountant by day in Evanston at Cameron & Associates, she was a great worker, but, more importantly, a great friend, fun and partied tirelessly in her younger days. She was a model mother and loving grandmother.

In her later, wiser years, she loved to travel and do all the crazy things younger people do. Her most recent romps took her cliff diving in Cancun. Her favorite thing to do was go sky diving because she could see everything and it was always so different. She was mindful in many aspects of her life.

On her deathbed, she admitted her greatest regret is she would not witness watching her grandchildren mature to the charitable adults she knew they would be.

They will miss her most.

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