Monday, November 17, 2008

Monsieur Carpberd, 26, Impaled

Monsieur Stoney H. "Sronez" Carpberd, 26 went straight to hell on All Hallowed Eve in the year 2006. Hailed from Houston, Texas, M. Carpberd died in a horrific and most improbable manner. Dusk of that evening found Sronez, his friends called him, engaged in a round of combat at a local construction site. While running to shoot one of his fellow sweaty, muscular enemies, he ran and stumbled into a pile of new, but hardening concrete. Unfortunately, erected from the hardening concrete was a massive, steel rod of rebar. His uzi airsoft immediately spewed all over the site as he was tragically impaled. He was awake for a brief but painful period in which all that could be heard was his screams for help; his friends just watching him lay on the ground, the rebar fixed to his head. Police were called to the scene, but it was too late, he choked on his blood. His spirit still lays there where his body was impaled.

M. Carpberd liked girls and guys. His friends admired his guns (his airsoft guns). He loved the simple things in life, walks on beaches, his relationships, his affinity for both sexes, even his emotional self he allowed to cry occasionally during sunsets. He regrets not having the time to explore and enjoy his relationships (and improving his grammar skills).

He will be missed by all.

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